About us

We are CJP

With our teams in the headquarter in Singapore and expanding globally. Our subsidiary office in the Netherlands, Malaysia and Philippines, we are creating products which are supporting you while doing household tasks, securing your home and vehicles as well as keeping them well maintained. Our teams ensure that the products are thought through and out of good quality. We continuously try to make the difference with our products in your life and for doing so we are working with brands such a Stanley for making your world truly secure.

Under the Stanley logo and Stanley trademark we create the security categories of padlocks and bike locks and by doing so we follow the high standards of the Stanley brand for delivering the product quality and visibility you can expect from the Stanley brand. No matter if you need a padlock for you barn, a carabiner lock for securing your stroller or you want to lock your bikes while a family bike ride with our 240cm cable bike lock, we as CJP have with our Stanley security products range a solution for you.

We deliver these products within the EU, United Kingdom, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Feel free to reach out for us when you need product advise, have security questions or are looking for information about us. We are there for you. Your world. Truly secure.